Friday, 20 August 2010

“You had me at ‘speedy recovery’…now STFU”


Serena Williams withdraws from 2010 US Open

Friday, August 20, 2010

Top-ranked Serena Williams has officially withdrawn from the 2010 US Open as she continues to recover from a cut to her right foot.
Williams cut her foot on a piece of broken glass in July, which required surgery, and has not competed on the WTA Tour since winning her 13th career Grand Slam tournament title at Wimbledon. She is a three-time US Open champion.
"It is with much frustration and deep sadness that I am having to pull out of the US Open," Williams said in a statement released by her publicist. "My doctors have advised against my playing so that my foot can heal."
She called missing the tournament "one of the most devastating moments of my career."
US Open Tournament Director Jim Curley released the following statement regarding Williams' withdrawal:
"We regret that Serena Williams is unable to play the US Open and wish her a speedy recovery. She will be missed, but the tournament is about the competition and the players on the court. This year's US Open will be a memorable event, as it has been every year."


*coffee splutter*


The USO’s clearly bigger than any one player, but am I alone in thinking the professional response would be to wish her a speedy recovery and leave it at that?


But then that’s been in somewhat short supply this month as far as tournament directors are concerned. Must be in a weak era.


Feel free to rub coal tar in the faces of the injury doubters/snarkers.


I will personally be supplying pots. Form an orderly queue.


Woz will now be the #1 seed.


How the not-so-mighty have risen.

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