Thursday, 12 August 2010

Look Away……..NOW



1. The shade of Rafa’s shirt can most closely be characterised as:


a) Salmon


b) Water Melon


c) Neon Pink


d) None of the above – you were actually viewing the match through a thermal imaging camera.


2. “Rafa and Fed’s respective shades of pink most closely resemble their personalities.”


This statement is:


a) Completely true – Fed embodies reserve, class, restraint, subtlety and dignity. Nadal? Apparently, none of these things. Heh.


b) Somewhat true, but mostly b*llocks.


c) Unqualified, unalloyed b*llocks – Rafa is the Salmon Wrap to Fed’s Neopolitan Surprise, personalities don’t come into it.


3. Stan lost 7-6 6-3. Were you even looking at the score? Should you have been looking at the score?


Justify your answer in less than 140 characters.





You have 40 mins.

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