Sunday, 15 August 2010

There’s always Orkney…There’s always Soda Bread.


masha_getty3 This.


I’ve been paying far too little attention to Cincy over the past two days considering how invested in a certain player I am – you have the man in pink to blame for that.


That serve may never again be what it once was – but in all other departments Masha’s  rapidly approaching pre-injury levels of performance and, should she walk away with the title later today, will be back at #9. It’s been too long…….FAR too long.




Kimmie overcame a tearful hobbly Ana Ivanovic after the latter was forced to pull out after only four games with what sounds to be a torn muscle:


“It sounds very similar to what I had with my left foot,” said Clijsters, who tore a muscle in her foot last April and missed nearly two months, including the French Open. “I hope it’s not that bad.”

“All of a sudden on that one shot, I felt something, you know, crack a little bit,” Ivanovic said. “I was very scared.”

Ivanovic straightened up, cupped her hands behind her head and winced. She walked gingerly to her chair and took a medical timeout, removing her shoe. A trainer rubbed the inside of the foot and taped it so Ivanovic could try to continue.


After the second point - a serve that Ivanovic didn’t even bother to chase - the match was over.

I tried bit of tape, but I could not put any weight on it, and there was no point in me continuing,” she said



To be honest, I doubt she’d have had much success against Kimmie, but to be robbed of the chance of even trying? After her best week of tennis since…….yeah, how does that sentence end?


Greek Tragedy. In every sense of the word…well, except in Ana not actually being Greek. Wishing her a speedy recovery.


So there it is. Masha takes on Kimmie. Masha wins or I move to the Orkney Isles, turn recluse and bake soda bread for my remaining days.

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