Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Breakthroughs and Rebounds


I have a soft spot for Azarenka.


I have a soft spot for Goths carrying piercings the size of Gibraltar too but that’s another story.


Rebellion’s no cakewalk - it’s not easy taking on the world and it’s two henchman.


At a certain point you simply need to move on and accept the displays of petulance for what they are: as essential to her make up as her ability to hit the ball. I also know that some of her detractors sound more petulant in print than she ever comes across in person.


Stanford Tennis



Meanwhile, I’m hearing the word “breakthrough” mentioned an awful lot.


Uh…OK? In so far as she’s made herself part of “the USO conversation” everyone’s having.


Though that conversation should probably also take account of her having already bagged one of the biggest titles in the game and cracked the top ten little over a year ago. I might be wrong about this, but that sounds like a breakthrough already happened.


This is what’s known as a rebound  (from injury and running into Serena at the Slams once too often).


A breakthrough, a real one, would see her solve the “Serena problem”.


Nice week for Masha too, if you can bring yourself to forget the assault and battery she endured in that last set. Also part of that USO conversation everyone’s having.

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