Monday, 16 August 2010

Apocalypse Now.






I can live with the occasional rain delay (I dare say after the Toronto final we all can).


I can -- just about -- live with Masha welching on three Championship points, allowing an erratic Kimmie back into playing a final set she should have had no hope of being involved in.


Filthy, dark clouds brewing up apocalyptic storms and other variations on the Doomsday scenario during those Championship points, however, make me wonder whether something more malevolent is involved.


Whatever the case, when they returned from the rain delay,it was Kimmie, now miraculously free of the serving problems that had plagued the first set, firmly in charge.



No Photoshopped night necessary


All of that took place before my Sky Box went on the blink, which meant I was reduced to watching Masha suffer problems with her foot and Kimmie mop up a largely one-sided final set on a grainy internet stream that’s probably only reserved for UFC.


Conspiracy, much?


Yeah, I was probably in a fouler mood than whatever malevolence lay within those dark clouds. And there’s a small chance I may have been a little ungracious about the whole Kimmie situation who now, quite deservedly, shoots up to world #4.


Hearty Congrats Kim. No agenda. Promise.




Does that make her a USO contender? Is any top ten player not named Serena a contender?


Masha, as expected, is out of Montreal.

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