Monday, 16 August 2010

New rule: Doubles clearly matters, when it’s as cute as this.


“The Art of Joy”.




It’s a little difficult to tell with her back being turned and I’ll admit she’s got nothing on MariKiri (no one has), but if anyone tells me Vika is “joyless” again…


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Vika (muffled): “…can’t breath….cannnoot breath…”





The trophy in case you were wondering what all the fuss was about.

(Blimey, did someone just tell Kiri that she doesn’t get to keep it?)


A week ago, Kiri also picked up the doubles title in San Diego with Zheng Jie…. Rafa/Djoko were ejected out of the first round of Toronto.


New rule: Doubles clearly matters, when it’s as cute as this.


(Images: Getty)

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