Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I’m not that into you….just yet.


Not my favourite person Benny.


There’s steely focus and there’s just plain rude. But a little of more of this and I might get on board.


benny  benny2


Benesova d. Jankovic 7-6 (7-3) 6-3


Nothing shoddy about her straight sets dismissal of JJ, who, now just two weeks away from the USO, has some real thinking to do.





"I didn't feel like a top-five player out there," said Jankovic, who lost to Serena Williams at the 2008 US Open in her only Grand Slam final appearance.

"My game hasn't been at the top level for the last couple of tournaments."

"I really wanted to play matches here, and at the last tournament, but I didn't do that and now I haven't played many matches before the US Open," she added.

"I'll just try my best over there, and hopefully I'll be better."

-- BBC


Hopefully. Though “famous last words” and all that…


More Benny. On a trial basis for now.


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