Friday, 13 August 2010

“When in hole stop digging – when thy shoulder is bust, stop frakkin diving”.





Rogers Cup Tennis djoko_getty Fed_getty


Always good to see the big boys get their acts together and chalk up straight sets wins without mention of conditions, the officials or bad breath.


Oh I love to see them writhe around in early-round agony and witness the odd bid-for-freedom from the latest up-and-comer as much as anyone. But the simple truth is the tournament is a better place for their presence.


A truth almost universally acknowledged.


Oh wait…


muzz_getty2 LaMonf_getty


Murray d. Monfils 6-2, 0-6, 6-3


I only caught the last set of this hot, sticky mess (was busy watching Masha making crispy pancakes of Aga’s 2nd serve further underlining why Aga will/should only ever be a lowly top tenner – also further underlining why I believe Masha has “arrived”).


I’ve yet to understand what exactly went wrong with Muzz in set two. In the interview I saw, Muzz was about as forthcoming as a toothpick.


Was Muzzard’s guard down? Or did LaMonf begin unloading in the way we know only he can-but-chooses-not-to?


"I wanted to improve certain things, and I think that I did," [Murray]said. "But I shouldn't have allowed myself to get distracted by my opponent in the second set. He's fun to watch but it's difficult to concentrate sometimes against him. But the good thing about tennis is you can regroup and come back – and that's what I did."

-- The Guardian


Exhibit A: Class Clown.

Exhbit B: The sound of your career being flushed down the toilet.


Comical if it weren’t, for Monfils’s sake,  so tragic.


I don’t care. There’s a reason I make a point of not watching what should be the game’s best shotmakers making a fool of themselves behind the baseline. There’s also a reason I’ve, all but, given up on Monfils.


To those that missed it – first spend ten mins counting yourselves lucky - LaMonf received treatment on a shoulder he injured diving for a ball I’d guess he was never destined to make. Only to dive on the very same shoulder minutes later in pursuit of another ball he was never destined to make.


I only wonder how much more of this Roger Rasheed can take.

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