Sunday, 22 August 2010

“It is with every small act of kookiness that we veer ever closer to the stars.”






When  it finally does go down, it’ll be these four ladies contesting the semi finals in Montreal.


Montreal Tennis 1026973628-2008201021391555d2a8b32bd979aff163c3c8a81daacf-getty-95688252ms007_rogers_cup2cde1e2b6845699eb1df01d32189a4ab-getty-95688252ms005_rogers_cup  


Sveta and CazWoz did manage to get a couple of games in (Woz broke) before the rain forced them off again….they used the down time to indulge us with a spot of footy-tennis.




Sveta rocks the world of footy-tennis like no other - with either a tennis or a football (mixed doubles with Muzz?). But a special mention and an A* to Woz for effort who has, for now at least, earnt the dissolution of her “anyone-but-Woz” status.




Being kooky on court with Sveta is a good thing – your efforts have been noted.

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