Thursday, 19 August 2010

I almost died and went to Outtake Heaven…


“It’s not you…it’s me….” *GUFFAWS UNCONTROLLABLY*





For the record, it took them a full 9 minutes and 18 seconds to get a workable four line exchange out of the door.


And what a glorious nine minutes it was.


There’s a small chance I wet myself. But it was totally worth it.


My personal highlights:


-- 5:00: What I assume is the director, sadistically moving the goalposts after they’ve spent 5 minutes getting out their first successful (rehearsal) take - “…if you wouldn’t mind saying the following in Basel dialect”


-- 6:10/6:18 : “he looks at me……..he gives me the look”. Yeah, it’s all Rafa’s fault Rog! Maybe he should start doing that during your ball toss!


-- 1:48/7:10: Roger’s attempting to paper over the giggly cracks by pretending to take the process seriously. Your studious demeanour’s fooling no one.


-- 11:12: Actual proof that Roger Federer sweats. You just have to meet his eye. Having Rafa’s eyelashes doesn’t hurt too.


-- 11:16: Rafa’s somewhat surly hair swooshes – there are swear words, I’m told – anyone?


The best part? I can imagine the two returning as Grandpas in rocking chairs fifty years from now on some dusty veranda doing it all over again.

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