Friday, 27 August 2010

USO: Expect anything and *everything*…and nothing at all.








» Rafa wins: Career Grand Slam –> World further divides into those for whom H2H’s never mattered less and those for whom ‘more’ never means *more*


» Muzz wins: Maiden Slam -->Monkey falls off his back and into a pond with a broken duck in it.


» Fed wins: Only an Open Era USO record….as if anyone cares about that.


» QF Night Match worth staying up for: Rafa/Nalbie


» QF Death Match worth looking out for: Djoko/ARod (Roddick’s won their past 4 meetings and is 5-2 overall)







Top Guns, supposedly

Big Bad Denizens

Britain’s Got Talent

Sympathy Vote

(First Round Fracas underlined)




Q1 Rafa, Istomin, Kohls
Feli, Ljubicic 
Easy-peasy though I’d still say Rafa’s got no business being around “Upset
Merchants” Istomin and Kohls this early in the game.
Ferru/Dolgo, Ernie
Nalbie, Dasco
Ernie and Nalbie. At least one will be gone by round four. Winner plays Rafa in the Quarters.
Q2 Muzz, Wawa
Querrey, Almagro

Muzz arrives wrecked in the quarters having dropped far too many sets along the way. Maybe.

Misha, Xman, Isner
Steps/B’teau, L’dra/Berd

Berd surrounded by a bunch of nutters-at-the-net. You can’t always fight madness.

Q3 Kolya, Reeshie, Bellucci
LaMonf, Tipsy, ARod
Half full: Reeshie finds a way to round four.
Half empty: ARod doesn’t
Baggy, Fish
Pico, Blake, Djoko
Djoko breezes through in straights until he has one of those matches against Baggy/Fish
Q4 Sod, Falla, Gonzo
Sod to survive a R2 5-setter against Fire, before cutting down Cilic in his subprime.
Yoyo, JCF
Hewitt, Federer

Fed to avenge Halle convincingly. And to then struggle against Yoyo/JCF – equally convincingly






With firm favourite Kimmie coming in with hip concerns and CazWoz your number one seed, expect anything and everything…and nothing at all.



Q1 Caz, Navarro, K’vong, Safarova
Rezai, Benny, Groth/Masha
Groth could put out Masha in R1. A couple of poor service games, cement-block focus from Groth. BOOM. Could totally happen.
Sveta/Date, Kiri
Shvedova, AChak, Domi, Li
Remember how Kimiko toughed out a 3 setter over Dina in R1 of RG, and then went out the very next round basically spent? Yeah, try and forget that.
Q2 JJ, Kanepi
MJMS, Wickmayer

I won’t list all the reasons JJ shouldn’t do well here – there’s so many I almost expect her to make something of it.

ARad, Petkovic/Petrova 
Coco, Bepa

Bepa gets her Coco revenge and Nadia goes down to ARad in straights

Q3 Franny, 'Courage’, ABond
Pavs, Vika
Can Vika’s belief' trump ‘Courage’ itself?
Peer, Flavs
Pironkova, Venus
Will Venus get her Wimby revenge? Does Venus even know what revenge is?
Q4 Stosur, Kleybs
Dani/Dina, Demmie
Can Dina use Demmie/Stosur’s struggles to her advantage? Assuming she emerges in one piece from that New Haven reunion.
Bartoli, Ivanovic, Zheng
Kvitova, Baltacha, Kimmie

Who wants to be brave and predict Kimmie cleans up? (Hint: Not me)


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