Saturday, 21 August 2010

Four Weddings and a FeduNadal



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We can be jovial about this.


I went to bed - on a Friday night,

With Nadal-and-Baggee on ma teh-lleee…


When I woke up,

The whole world was shook up,


And Fed and Nadal but a storeeee….



…or we can wallow in our grief over one of W. H. Auden’s lesser known works:


The stars are not wanted now; put out every one,
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun,
Pour away the ocean and paint your house grey,
Throw out the face-paint; there’ll be no Fedal today




Although, hand on heart, how many of you can really say you wanted it this soon?


I know many will disagree, but for me their last meeting drew a blank. Like two drunk and disorderlies forced to patch up their differences at a makeshift charity do no one wants to attend.


They’re both inching towards finding their form. Feds shown more flourish but also more confunktion. Rafa was roundly outplayed last night but is also the more steadier of the two.


Give it another week I say, let them play themselves into more affable spirits before we once again force them upon one another.


As for Baggy, you’d be a fool to ever doubt him. You’d be a fool to bet the house on him too but that’s part of the deal and, I daresay, the appeal. For some people.For others, just like that recent Fedal fail, he too draws a blank.


Me, I’m in the middle. I don’t think his smile is tennis’s solution to world peace (Franny’s is) but I do enjoy his groundies and elephant-on-ice dance moves as much as I enjoy Nalbandian’s.




It’s not often such impeccable timing, efficient weight transfer and fluid movement unite in one player. When that player looks more like a Highland Caber Tosser than a tennis player, it makes the spectacle more-peculiar still.


Federer was sublime over Kolya. To be fair, in the first set they both were.


The surprising thing this time, however, was Fed’s defence – if I didn’t know any better I’d almost believe he’s found the patience to sustain rallies under pressure. As I say, I know better.


With that single break and that first set gone, Kolya began a spraying spree that almost certainly prevented this from going into a third set. Twas a shame because for one set we had the makings of what could have been the match of the week.


No one should be surprised at Nole’s and Muzz’s departure. The only amazing thing is how long Muzz ,in particular, lasted in the heat.


The good: He’ll get plenty of time to rest up ahead of Flushing.


The bad: Mardy Fish might win the US Open Series.


The ugly: CazWoz is seeded #1 at the USO (don’t expect me to ‘drop it’ any time soon).

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