Tuesday, 25 August 2009

"Why on court coaching is a BAD idea" - exhibit A

Still amazed by the fuss, images of Shaza being coached by Joyce (and her response), have caused.

You'd almost think the (hopefully ill-fated) on court coaching experiment just began last week.

Anyway, here's the
Sharapova/Joyce coaching clip I was speaking of in my last post.

Pay special attention to the way in which
Shaza gestures to Joyce to quieten down about her "tired arm" at around 35 secs.

I've tried to capture them as accurately as I can manage.

Joyce: Coupla things, coupla things.

Joyce: When you hit..when she pushes you back deep, you're behind the baseline, you're trying to do this 'swing your arm', and your arm is tired, you gotta sometimes go back high.

Shaza: What..'push' it!?

Joyce: Not push it, but go back high, then wait till you get the short one, and then step in; and the balls that are sitting in the middle of the court, you gotta move in,
if your arm is tired, and you can't swing your arm.....(Shaza interjects)..huh?

...your arm is tired, and you can't swing your arm...(Shaza incomprehensible)...well you just said it louder than I just said it.. you gotta at least get your weight in the court.

Joyce: your serve, you're serving like 80% of your serves to her backhand - just hit your slice serve! If she hits the winners its fine....Aright...s'fine I'm wrong...you do what you wanna do...everybody knows you're tired...you can just either give into yourself, or get outta here, or fight hard, I don't know what you want...do what you wanna do!
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