Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Fair Play Award of the Week: The Samurai

(Photo: Stephen Dunn / Getty Images)

Oh I like this.

After being accused by Tommy Haas of lacking class after his semi-final loss to Sam Querrey at LA last week, The Samurais make good by going ahead and showing us
exactly that. Class that is.

"First off, we would like to extend an apology to Tommy Haas for what he he believes was 'inappropriate' and 'classless' behavior.... Contrary to what Tommy Haas asserted, we were not cheering his errors and missed serves (our restraint is something we actually take pride in), but, simply applauding (yes, in a pretty boisterous fashion) the unbelievable effort from our former classmate and good friend, Sam Querrey. We understand that this line can easily be blurred in a competitive tennis match and therefore apologize to Haas for the confusion. To make up for it, we would like to follow in the steps of the White House, and offer to take Haas out for a beer (Beck's of course) and reconcile our differences at the upcoming U.S. Open Championships.... Again, we are simply trying to direct some passion and spirit toward the great game of tennis that we all love.... The Samurai."

(LA Times)

Doubtless the most articulate strain of fanaticism you'll ever see.

After J-Block, and the Fanatics, I have to admit I was trying kinda hard to ignore these guys.

They have so raised the bar.

Tommy, Sammy. Flushing Meadows. QF.

Needs to happen.
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