Saturday, 8 August 2009

Giants of Washington

London Bus System tennis coverage has seen us go from sketchy highlights to more or less round the clock, and not particularly stellar tennis from Washington and LA.

To be fair I haven't been particularly attentive.

But does anyone else find it weird how Washington has turned into a kind of gunslingers' festival, and how Roddick has had to get past Querrey, Karlovic and now Isner. A shock therapy return to tour. At least the rallies will be short.

In the other semi, del Potro put out Gonzales which means unless Isner pulls off an upset, the rightful two geezers, based on form, talent, commitment and any other measure you care to base your assessment on, will contest the final.

In LA, Stosur put out Cirstea 6-3, 6-2, which disappoints me. Much.

I guess it shouldn't given how young she is. It's just that Lisicki and Cirstea have really taken me, and much of the tour it seems, by surprise with that big serve and risky style of play.

That serve was in great form during the quarters.

As was the willingness to take it too Radwanska.

What bugs me is the apparent one-sidedness of the loss. It's what generally happens whenever she loses. Good news is the losses don't seem to have any lasting effect.

Someone else I was disappointed to see go out was Zheng Jie who'd put out Dinara a round earlier. I don't see that as an upset, not because of any lack of faith in Dinara's abilities, but because of what a talent Zheng is.

It's not her style to hit outrageous winners. I admire her more for her focused and measured approach, sometimes more effective than outrageous winners.

Then again, I admire Stosur's game too. That kick serve and ability at the net are all textbook stuff. All evident in the way in which she closed it out against Zheng.

I'm betting on Sharapova to get past Penetta, which means a Sharapova-Stosur final. I've followed Maria's comeback with some interest, but I believe this one belongs to Stosur.
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