Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sam Stosur: No longer a doubles specialist

I know that taking down big servers might rightly be considered up Roddick's street. But there's still something incredibly sensationalist in having consecutive wins over three of the biggest baddest servers in the game. The only downside might be that he's been conditioned to receive nothing more than 130mph serves over the past few days.

(Photo: AP)

Sharapova's fine run came to an end with a three set loss to Flavia Penetta, who has an odd way of reappearing whenever there's a gap to be filled. Not that there's not much to appreciate in her game.

"It's almost like new territory for me. With every tournament I feel physically I'm getting better and getting a good sense of the court, but it's still a work in progress."


16 doubles and 61 UFEs certainly
is a work in progress, and that serve still needs a lot of work without which a strong showing at Flushing Meadows might prove difficult.

Stosur meanwhile continues to impress with her newfound dedication to singles.

"My whole career I've been trying to get to this point," said Stosur, who was widely regarded as a doubles specialist before a superb recent run of form.

"It kind of looks like I've done it late, but I don't worry too much about that. I took a little longer to develop."


And with her ability to hit shots like this, I'd say the title is now hers for the taking.

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