Sunday, 23 August 2009

"Pay no attention?" "Pay no attention?"

"Pay no attention to the title of the YouTube clip. It was 53 shots, not 58."

(Yahoo! Sports)


That just happens to be MY Murray youtube video that's doing the global-rounds, I'll have you know.

Yahoo! Sports pinched (sorry embedded) it, and then had the gall to question my 58-ball rally count.

I'm not the 'blow my own trumpet' type, which you clearly need to be if you're serious about promoting your blog and youtube channel, but you might want to take cover as I hire the services of Britain's best Brass Band.

#3 - Most Discussed (Today) - Sport
#60 - Most Discussed (Today) - Sport - Global
#92 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Sport
#97 - Most Viewed (Today) - France
#52 - Most Viewed (Today) - Sport - Australia
#17 - Most Viewed (Today) - Sport - Canada
#17 - Most Viewed (Today) - Sport
#19 - Most Viewed (Today) - Sport - India
#31 - Most Viewed (Today) - Sport - New Zealand
#27 - Most Viewed (Today) - Sport - Global
#28 - Most Viewed (Today) - Sport - France
#14 - Most Viewed (Today) - Sport - Hong Kong
#34 - Most Viewed (Today) - Sport - Taiwan
#99 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Sport - Hong Kong
#6 - Top Favourited (Today) - Sport
#71 - Top Favourited (Today) - Sport - Global
#6 - Top Rated (Today) - Sport
#70 - Top Rated (This Week) - Sport

Not to mention the multitude of embeddings and referrals.
Not bad for a relative youtube fledgling.

And ok, it was only 57 strokes rather than the 58 I titled the video with. It happens to be a lot closer than the 53 stroke miscount the peeps over at Yahoo! Sports would have you believe.

"Pay no attention", yourselves.
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