Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Roland Garros: Wounded Badger, Hidden Talons

So it seems eliminating gluten’s only half the story. To really harness your talent you also need to either roll your ankle, pull a muscle, or to simply cramp. Anything that renders you immobile.


Do that, and you’re suddenly incapable of hitting anything other than double digit aces and the most penetrating of winners, particularly on the forehand – supposedly, Murrays poorer wing. All on his “worst surface” (nope, still not letting that go).

If you want my honest view, Viktor was the better player during the earlier parts of today’s deciding set. We all know how that story ends – with broken glass and blood spattered all over the place.

Up until today, I’d only heard 2nd hand reports of Viktor’s epic ability to punk out on a lead like this. It’s now inscribed into my soul. And there ain’t no way of undoing it. “Once seen, can’t be unseen”, as they say.

Yes, he was robbed of a single point at 3-2 up on Murray’s serve – but lets not pretend the ballboy altered the earth’s tilt or something. He still broke Murray that game, he still held on to his serve – yet would still go on to lose the next five games in succession.

Nothing to do with the poor ballboy – who was filmed shaking like a startled rabbit with the dagger-eyes of the entire stadium bearing down on him.

You know what would have been an absolute money shot after something as outlandish as that? For Viktor to be pictured later putting the poor kid at ease, kicking a football, ruffling his hair, buying him a candy cane or something – exactly the kind of thing you can picture the far savvier Novak doing.

Seriously, his standing would have gone through the roof. Instead, this happened:

After Murray won a point on a similar overhead winner, Troicki mockingly asked the ballboy why he didn't run out during that point. Then he kicked the ball away from him. Little tip, Viktor: Showing up an 11-year-old is never the way to get a crowd on your side.

-- Busted Racquet, Yahoo Sports

That’s not how you treat kids Vik, Not in Serbia. Not in France. Not anywhere.

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