Thursday, 5 May 2011

Madrid: Yoolia ‘gorges’ on Caro

I had put together something about Julia that I didn’t get round to posting after her win in Stuttgart.  Let me correct that now.


Caro was FAR from her best  in Stuttgart – don’t let any dickhead tell you otherwise. The same cannot, however, be said of today.

Whilst Caro is clearly less comfortable on clay, I don’t know that this is a “clay” issue as much as it is a “badass” issue.

In any case, anyone that plays apologist to Caro, after Julia’s second consecutive win over the world #1, needs to be dragged aside and kicked down-under. Repeatedly if necessary, and until they “get it”.

At times out there (and certainly in Stuttgart) Julia was playing top 5 tennis – often under the type of pressure that has seen players “better” than her wilt time after time.

Twice in Stuttgart she saved set point with the kind of serve out wide I’ve only seen from Petra this year. She used the same serve to dig herself out of trouble today in a match that, quite frankly, most saw Caro winning – especially after she was treated for blisters in the 2nd set.

The crazy thing is that should place her in the category of big-hitting, one-dimensional nutjobs. Julia simply doesn’t fit that mould.

She’s almost entirely adept at the net, classy and secure enough to only fistpump/‘CMON’ her own winners (it can be done), and, best of all, remains both calm AND daring under pressure both are necessary.

In other words, she called Caro’s bluff in a way that sets her apart form 95% of the competition.


I defy you not to like her.

(Pics: Getty)

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