Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Roland Garros: Someone explain.

Let me be clear up front.

Anastasia will have her “coming out” party at some point– this may already be it, she’s too good not to, and she’s only 19 for crying out loud.


That said, and I say this entirely without innuendo, agenda or snark –  I really can’t see what all the fuss is about.

Most people appear to think this kind of a run at a Slam was long overdue or something. Not to be unkind, but that’s really stretching things quite far.

She hits a good ball off both wings – so do a lot of top 30 players – and has more than earnt her spot in the top twenty – so has Wimby quarterfinalist Kaia Kanepi (seriously, we hear next to nothing about her).

As well she played today, ultimately her lack of a really big weapon (together with lack of experience for which she should really get a free pass) proved to be her undoing.

Cesca had no business whatsoever losing the first set, let alone blowing away that 5-1 final set lead.


And when she came to her senses at the end of set two, the gulf between the two was nothing short of painful.

Anastasia has already made her impression. She has nothing to be ashamed of and deserves any and all recognition for putting Cesca through the mill - the very least we can do is learn to spell her name.

But nothing is to be gained by serenading her beyond her accomplishments – there’s far more potent talent (at least at this stage) raging in the top 20. As I believe Marion showed us today.

It’s really nothing personal. I feel the same about Maria Kirilenko.

Another entirely wholesome spirit celebrated beyond her powers. Anyone care to explain that?

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