Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Madrid: Pre-Raphaelite Petra Picspam



I’m sure I’m not the first to have noticed this, but it seems to me that if the Pre-Raphaelites did tennis, Petra would be their ideal subject.

More Pre-Raphaelite Petra:



To tell you the truth I wasn’t sure who to support in the final.

Vika's had her share of bad luck with injury/fainting/being drawn against Serena; it really seemed like it should be her time.

On the other hand, Petra winning at this level would be completely in keeping with her rise.

Didn’t really matter in the end. Vika didn’t play a bad match. She barely got a chance to play one at all.

It wasn’t completely clean hitting from Petra – it rarely is – what matters is she hit winners clean through and clean past Vika. 40 of them.

Vika doesn’t have anything like Petra’s pace, but there’s not a lot anyone can do when Petra’s not missing.

Plan B? That’s not how she rolls. And it’s earnt her a spot in the top ten.

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