Thursday, 12 May 2011

Rome: Weird Schliz Happens.

Only saw the latter half of this so not really qualified to speak.

Which of course means I’m gonna.

Gasquet d. Federer 4-6 7-6(2) 7-6(4)

First point: Reeshie pulling off this schliz should surprise precisely no one. Oh I know, his brain was meant to turn into jelly-beans in the final set tie break , and it didn’t. That is surprising.

What isn’t surprising is his big-budget game: everyone knows he has this kind of result in him.

Second: Rome pulling off this schliz should surprise precisely no one.

Remember in 08 when around half the draw retired with injury and Stan Wawrinka made the final? He wasn’t even awesome back then – and I seem to remember Novak winning the whole thing having barely played three matches.


Not to mention Fed imploding against Volandri the year before. And he was awesome back then.

Weird schliz happens in Rome. And what’s more is, we may not be done yet.

Think, in particular, of Nole’s streak.

It would be exactly in keeping with Rome for someone completely out of sorts to put an end to it. In straight sets, of course, and all with out any ceremony whatsoever. Someone who thinks of clay as his “worst surface”. Someone like, say, Andy Murray.

It’s just so hilariously incredible, its actually credible. (Thanks @artincircles

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