Sunday, 16 January 2011

Rally For Relief: As Good As It Gets…





Everything you need to know about Rally for Relief can be found here and here.


You can still view the entire event here.


For what it’s worth (over $1.8M in flood relief), and if it is at all possible, I liked this even more than Hit for Haiti.


It was, perhaps, less well-managed, though there actually seemed to me to be more spontaneity from all players, including those non-limelight types. Needless to say, I loved it and we cannot have enough of this sort of thing.




Stuff we should already have known:


For a girl that is supposedly “out there”, Vika came across as the most demure, camera-shy, and, dare I say it, the cutest of the bunch.


Mandy Footy-Tennis pwns Nole Footy-Tennis. Mandy Footy-Tennis blows holes the size of Scotland in Nole Footy-Tennis.


Ana-Mandy sex-grunts? Ping-pong, Footy and quarterback throws all in one point? Tennis does all of that and more.


Bepa in Sunnies will save the world. Mark my words.

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