Sunday, 23 January 2011

Oz: Pova PetKO’d



I’ve not mentioned Pova once this week for fear of jinxing her.


But there was never really that much to new to add, was there?





Theme from match one: Rusty, serving appallingly…champions spirit carrying her through.


Theme from yesterday: Even more rusty, still serving appallingly…champions spirit, arguably her greatest strength, not quite carrying her through.


For what it’s worth, she might never serve as well as she once did, but hasn’t always been that far off her best groundies.


I can still see her winning a Slam at some point. Just not this year.





I really quite like Petko, not for all the usual off-court Petkorazzic reasons (not a great fan of all that).


But she comes across as as grounded, intelligent, confident and plays an attractive, crafty game. Being respectful towards Pova wins her additional brownie points.


I just always seem to find myself wanting to tell her that she’s better than all that irritating, off-court cloying to her fanbase (which will still be intact without it).


Nice to see her making her first Slam QF, though I really can’t see her getting past Li if she continues to play the way she has been to this point.


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