Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Oz: Calm Before the Storm.





1) Whoah, like, the top four are playing all awesome tennis and stuff, and inflicting beatdowns on everyone in a 20m radius and whatnot.


In contrast to all the emerging storylines in women’s draw, the men have (Dolgo not withstanding) thrown up remarkably few surprises.


Well, ok, maybe I didn’t expect to see Dasco get as far as he did. And it was nice to see Marin bounce back. And Fed v Gillou was dope.


But, if we’re being honest, neither Rafa nor Fed had particularly painful draws. They’re both going to enter the semis having played their local lackeys.


All the top four (inc. Muzz) will enter them near the top of their game.


Calm before the storm?


2) Re those storylines in the womens draw.







And this.


Don’t all pretend you’re not thinking what I’m thinking.


Don’t all pretend it can’t happen.


(Sorry Bepa – we’re still cool. But these are ‘big picture’ issues).


3) You won’t, thankfully, find many people pretending Fran had anything left in the tank in her three sets against Woz yesterday.


That said, there comes a time where you simply have to stop grumbling and accept the chips the way they’ve landed.


Woz is here on her merits, whatever they are. Much as I rail against her, a small part of me almost wants her to win a Slam… some point (not here and preferably in a dogfight against Kim), so we can all move on.


I’m not going to sit here and pretend Franny didn’t make at least parts of it competitive.


Nor am I going to pretend Woz didn’t earn the win.


And now I’m done being fair and analytical.


Australian Open Tennis


Ciao Fran. You lost. Why does it feel like ours?

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