Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Roland Garros: It’s ON People


So things that are on the line tomorrow.

1. Federer’s shot at the ‘weeks at #1’ record (he must make at least the semis if Nadal takes the title).

2. Federer’s 23 Slam SF streak.

3. Sod’s claim to laying waste to the two top dogs…goats of the last decade - at the same event.

4. Sod’s own credibility in the senior common room should he fail to increase upon the zeros sets he took from Federer in last year’s final. I reserve the right to punch your lights out. And to call you a Scandi-minion

5. Fed’s credibility as a container of pace. Juan Marteen and Big Rob pace. All in the space of nine months. Won’t look good.

6. Youzhny’s more plausible shot at making a Slam final. I know.

7. Rafa and Robin going at it head to head in a Slam final. Armageddon itself goes AWOL.

8. Robin Soderling winning it. The final I mean. Grand Slam Champion. Post Bloody Modernity.

Have I said too much?

(Photo: Getty)

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