Saturday, 19 June 2010

Eleventh Hour Wins.


With only one day to go, some folks are still hard at it.





Great name for a tournie and a great cookie tray for winning it.


All well and good. Though I’ll be looking for a little more “boom-boom” from that serve we’ve been hearing so much of and a little less of forehand-horribilis. This result suggests match-fitness. And if she’s still stuttering she might just find herself getting smacked into shape by those other heavyweights in her quarter.


Smacked into shape rather than smacked straight out one hopes.


Now or Never.





This one needs a bulleted list.

  • Unseeded qualifier
  • Ranked #100 in the world
  • Beats Flavlova, Nadia, Kuzzie, Stosur and, of course, Vika to win her first WTA title in Eastbourne
  • Doesn’t drop a single set in doing it.

If that doesn’t put some colour in your cheeks I don’t know what will.


Round of applause please.


ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Said that already, no?





A real shame.


Vika’s run at Eastbourne this week included wins over Bartoli, Clijsters and ARad before seizing up with a leg injury in the final.


Only two days before the start of “The Championships”. Never fails to amaze me how full-of-oneself that sounds.



Amelie’s protege won the men’s event.


 Canadian Press


This lot went to Ascot. She’ll also be doing the rounds at “The Championships” this year. Lord, how droll that sounds.

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