Tuesday, 22 June 2010

WombleTown: Late Night Revellers and Disorderly Grannies


Surprisingly little of note happened on day two, what with the top seeds actually behaving like top seeds.


Djokovic d. Rochus 4-6 6-2 3-6 6-4 6-2


-- This one finished too late for it to get a mention from me yesterday.


When the last ball was struck a few minutes shy of the official 11pm cut-off last night in a match that was officially the latest finish ever in Wimbledon history, Djoko simply went over to the net and shook hands.


That’s right. Not sinking to his knees, not kissing the floor. Not even hugging his opponent in that way he’s so fond of.


Britain Wimbledon Tennis


Ok so there was some of that.


But I like the heart Djoko showed to see this one through. The tennis wasn’t always to write home about, but he squeezed out every last drop of adrenaline and sweat to get the win – not that different actually to what Fed had had to endure several hours earlier.



Big props to the little man by the way – who’s surely, now,  earnt the right to stop being called “the little man”.


The reason for the 11pm watershed? Local authority planning permission.


How very British.


Someone somewhere must have decided that we didn’t want to be disturbing the neighbours of sleepy SW19 with our late night finishes and Vuvuzela-less revelling.


Except sleepy suburbia this ain’t. And if anything, it’s the tennis fangirly grannies that are doing most of the after hours revelling.


Kanepi d. Stosur 6-4 6-4


-- Certainly the WTF result of the day. Perhaps even the biggest upset of the tournament so far, though surprisingly underreported in terms of it’s significance.


I didn’t see the match and Kanepi’s no slouch ; still, with the form she’d been in and everything we’ve been hearing of her all-court prowess, you’d expect her to get through.


-- Was the fact that he’s contemplating retirement or James Blake’s bust up with Pam Shriver the bigger story?

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