Sunday, 6 June 2010

Roland Garros: ‘Sodal’, ‘Naderling’ – it’s ON people.

soderling_getty2 nadal_afp_getty

….a match for which Armageddon itself has sent in a sick note.

A lot will depend on how well Soderling has recovered from those five gruelling sets.

They say it’s a good thing to play one match before the final where you get through without playing your best tennis.

Robin certainly had his work cut out for him in a match where it was Tomas, for the most part, that was the better player. Nothing but sympathy for Tomas by the way: anyone that manages to push Big Rob to five and reduce him to tears in doing so has much to be proud of.

What it boils down to is this.

Big Rob plays the way he has been up until that rite of passage with Tomas. Big Rob wins. Dawn of Post-Modernity and stuff…

Big Rob has the lapse in concentration he did against Tomas. Rafa runs away with it very quickly. Five RG titles. Post-Modernity told to go to hell.

(Photos: AFP/Getty)

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