Sunday, 20 June 2010

Wimbledon: Buzz-About-Muzz




The Andy Murray column. No really.


The first year I played in the juniors [of Wimbledon] I was 14 or 15 and I lost in the first round for the first two years, I never did well here as a junior, but the record as a senior has been a bit better.

It's a lot nicer for me now that I actually live nearby. When I played here the first couple of years I was in hotels, and the year when I'd just started working with Mark Petchey as my coach at Queen's I actually stayed at his house.


Heart goes out to you. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.


Lloydy thinks his attitude needs looking at. He also thinks Querrey’s the only guy in his draw that can “hurt him” and that he should have beaten TBerd at RG. Erm, Ok then.


For the record I don’t feel the same buzz-about-Muzz I did last year.


I don’t even feel the same buzz about Wimbledon as I did last year.


Part of this is down to Fed’s very blah draw.


Part of it is down to Muzz and Djoko still being in a funk.


Part of it is down to Delpo likely being out until well after Flushing. I had a theory about him on grass.


A lot of it, however,  is about neither Big Rob nor Kolya having made it past the 4th round even though in principle they should be successful playing tennis in sand dunes if necessary.


All that might change, however:


» should England go out of the World Cup. As if the Queen showing up wasn’t pressure enough.


» should Muzz be seen using an Official Adidas World Cup Jabulani Match ball in his football-tennis warm ups. I wouldn’t recommend it. Robert Green wouldn’t either.


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