Monday, 31 May 2010

Roland Garros: Pulling a Soderling.


Did she “pull a Soderling”? Only in the loosest, colloquial sense of the phrase.

For that analogy to ring completely true, Henin’s run of RG titles would have had to continue unbroken over the last two years, playing roughly the same way.

Or else Nadal would have had to have taken two years off tour to reinvent himself as, I dunno, Novak Djokovic(?) before returning to RG to fall in the fourth round to Fernando Verdasco.

In which case she’d have “pulled a Nando”. Or something.

None of this matters of course. What matters is that Stosur served out that last game, when every soul on earth, every seeker of truth in my twitter feed, was expecting her, counting on her even, to choke.

Which by the way she almost did in handing back a break and double faulting on the first of her two match points.

Don’t lets also forget how she out-varied “the varied one”. Which should surprise precisely no one considering how unvarying Juju’s play supposedly is nowadays.

(Photo: Reuters)

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