Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Roland Garros: The ‘Talanted’ Mr Reeshie

maybe i m bad or very bad as i say that but i would like Richard and Andy to go to 5 sets so we can watch nice tennis!and enjoy!

-- Sveta’s Twitter Feed

You're not very bad Sveta - you're just like the tennis loving rest of us.

Following Sveta’s tweets was almost as good as following the match itself – I had hoped to dedicate an entire post to them, but have settled for a happier compromise.

Biceps, bathroom-breaks and five set comebacks that make your ears bleed. If it feels like we’ve been here before it’s because we have.

Except we needn’t have. For two and a half sets The ‘Talanted’ Mr Reeshie could do no wrong.

Backhand of Richard is just stuning pfffff

i think Richard has much more confidence as he won last week!you can see that!And Andy didnt play many matches,this guys are so talanted

Reeshie was up a break and two sets before his talant quite painfully hit the wall. Things were less stuning after that.

I have some sympathy with Reeshie’s request for a Tuesday start – I have little time for those crowing loudly about Murrays improved fitness.

Lets be honest: neither of these gents are famed for their prowess over five sets.

I generally take the view that Murray has at most two five setters in him over the course of a Slam before, he too, hits the wall.

Whilst he did well to keep his cool and outlast Reeshie this time, I suspect that has as much to do with Reeshie’s 10 match clay court streak coming into this – his shotmaking in sets one and two was so inspired it actually elicited a smile from Murray: Martian rock has been known to yield water sooner.

With Sveta on his tactics and exection however, which aside from that unsavoury first serve percentage (43%) was right on the money, in a completely unspectacular way.

i m not agree!i thin Andys game is smart,maybe on tv looks like he has no game plan,but he feels the court very well he all the time change

pace of the ball and makes other player very uncomfortable!he doesent overpower them but plays smart!

I dunno about you all, but I’m sick to death of hearing of players’ aversion to their chosen sport - something that's now been elevated, almost, to an artform.

ufff what a match...I think Andy sees that Richard is tired and moves him more....then longer match goes then less chances for Richard

guys i m not terrible just want to watch nice tennis! many players strugle now and we dont see many good matches! Amelie is doing the match

How refreshing to find a tennis player that actually enjoys watching "nice tennis".

I’m 'stuned'.

(Photos: Getty)

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