Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Kiri Te Kanawa on Fed-i-ra

We’ve heard it all before of course.

And I’m afraid I do now find it a little tiring when I hear tennis fans speaking of Aesthetics over Power….*splutter*…Brain over Brawn…*cough*….Beauty and the Beast…*wretches painfully*.

Especially as attention to aesthetics so often seems to get in the way of winning.

Only a fool would argue that Federer’s more economic style of play hasn’t been a factor in his career longevity and remarkable ability to remain injury free.

Or indeed that Rafa’s knees haven’t more or less reserved the right to veto any attempts at re-enacting his clay court schedules of 2005-2009.

It is still inspiring, however, to hear such endorsements from outside the world of tennis. Yes, I’m afraid such moments operate as epiphanies for a tennis-nerd.

And frankly, I’d be a little surprised if a full lyric soprano didn’t prefer Fe-di-ra over Nadal.

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