Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Toilet Bowls and Facial Scrubs

I'm not going to defend the indefensible.

The WTA Sh*thouse has been in full session this week parading it's mankiness for all to see.

But every cloud has a silver lining and I'm determined to give this particular toilet bowl a gold trim.

For one thing, we're still on for a Sharapova Jankovic final.

Both these two players have been on something of a juddery road.

Shaza's outdone herself since her return to tour back at Warsaw (funny how that now seems many moons back), but her Slam performances have been less exemplary. Worse still, she continues to be hindered by that shoulder, the unpredictability of which has got to be of some concern to her fanbase.

There's been some good news this week though, with the return of her former service action.

That she appears confident enough to try it out again has to considered a good sign.

Like many others I'm not wholly convinced abbreviated service motions are the silver bullet they're sometimes made out to be. There's certainly a debate to be had on whether the compensatory muscle required at the latter end of the motion might actually do greater long term damage than a more conventional motion, that at least benefits from the momentum created by the greater initial shoulder exertion.

My own feeling is she's made her peace with the remaining shoulder complaints that may continue to plague her
whatever motion she uses in what still has to be considered the developmental stage of her comeback, and is therefore willing to try a little of everything and anything.

I'm also a little more confident with the sounds emerging from Camp Jelena. Though I approach this one with bated breath given how many false starts I've had from her this season.

Her form hasn't even been particularly poor this year - just un-Jelena-like. Too many round of sixteen exits both at the Slams and elsewhere. A little too distant and uninvested; a little, dare I say it, like Novak Djokovic.

But her form this week suggests that might finally be about to end. And no I'm not afraid of getting egg on my face once again; I'm told it serves as an excellent facial mask, and does wonders for your pores.

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