Thursday, 24 September 2009

Justine's new service motion and other factoids...

(Correctional) Factoid #1: Contrary to what I said yesterday, Justine's ambitions at Wimbledon are, according to Carlos Rodriguez, "one of the main reasons she's come back".

Yeah, my 'Grand' Wimby insight was neither that grand, nor that insightful after all.

Factoid #2: Justine will be unveiling a new fangled service motion in Melbourne - one from which she expects to yield a first serve percentage of at least 70%.

I'm not sure about putting all this stock into her first serve. Such an over emphasis on one part of an otherwise complete game seems overkill if you ask me.

Her first serve was problematic at times, but nothing nearing Safinaean or Ivanovician proportions; and besides haven't we been down this road four times already? I'm pretty sure I've seen her run the complete gamut of abbreviated
pronations in her first career. So what's so different this time round?

Factoid #3: Justine intends to play until the Olympics in 2012.

I like how London 2012 is fast acquiring the feel of an inaugural event to honour and generally festoon some of the best players we've ever had.

Already we've had indications from Federer and Venus Williams that they intend to stick around till then, and now Justine's signed up too.

But just what kind of a nihilistic tennis vaccum will we exist in, in the immediate aftermath of the event? Be afraid.

(Non-Justine) Factoid #4: Spain have drawn Switzerland in their opening Davis Cup tie next year.

Yes that means we may see Rafa battle Roger in a more patriotically coloured setting. I hope I'm wrong, but I still don't see Federer committing to such emotional consumption a week before Indian Wells.

(Photo: Reuters)


"I truly enjoy playing for my country but I'll also have to see where I have my priorities for next season," Federer said after victory over Italy.

But who knows? Davis Cup is certainly more of a gaping hole on his CV than any mere Masters event. Fifth Slam or otherwise.

(Non-Justine) Factoid #5: Here's something you can bet the house on though: Andy Murray will not be travelling to Lithuania that weekend.

After last weekends shoddiness, the gist of the deal, buried away beneath all the layers of controversy, appears to be that it's time the lower ranked Brits stepped up.

In a strange way the environment of the lower tier might prove a more fruitful testing ground, and may even turn them into something of a more seasoned group capable of holding their own in any future ties.

Which in a not so strange way I kinda agree with.

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