Monday, 21 September 2009

Justine set to announce her return Tuesday...

(Photo: Le Soir)

Or so claims Le Soir and La Derniere Heure.

According to "good sources", she's set to make the announcement on Belgian TV Channel
RTL-TVI and RTBF News, tomorrow evening.

Clijsters' victory at Flushing, Justine had the following words for her compatriot on her website.

"What you have come to achieve there is incredible," wrote Henin. "I very warmly congratulate you on your magnificent victory."

And yet I remain unconvinced that Kimmie's victorious comeback had even the slightest influence on Justine's decision to return, if that is indeed what it is.

My feeling is this has been brewing for months, and always found her insistence that there'd be no comeback a little difficult to believe, coming as it was from one of the most competitive personalities on tour.

The initial announcement was probably genuine and an accurate reflection of the strain she was feeling at the time. But I sense that dissatisfaction must have set in rather quickly.

Either way, I love it that she's changed her mind. There's only one place for such a competitor to express herself, and that's on a tennis court.

Now I just need to come up with an appropriate comeback acronym to capture all the awesomeness. So far all I've got is '

But I'm working on it.

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