Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Justine: Kimmie "not the most important reason"

(Photo: AP)

''Subconsciously, it might have had an impact,'' Henin said of Clijster's successful comeback. ''But it certainly was not the most important reason.''

-- Henin on whether she was influenced by Clijsters' success


Kimmie's return was a tipping point, that only confirmed what she must have been feeling within herself for months.

The comeback begins in anger at Melbourne next year. Until then we'll only have a couple of exhos in Charleoi and Dubai to salivate over.

"I know it's surprising because on 14 May 2008 I put a definitive end to my tennis career but then there was a long personal path throughout these past 15 months, which was enriching.

"I discovered a lot of things about myself and that allowed me to feel things again and then there was a flame that was re-lit which I had thought had been put out forever."

Yeah whatever.

"It's hard when you used to be able to do things so well, as I did in the past, to have to start again from the basics, with patience which isn't my greatest quality.


"I think that the most difficult thing will be creating the foundations as I know I have slowed down and I used to be a really really quick player and that was my main quality but that will happen soon

And THAT is what I believe will be the million dollar question over the coming months.

The tour's in tatters, but even in it's state of decrepitude, will have managed to move on somewhat.

Just yesterday Tom Perrotta made what I think are some very valid points as to how difficult she might find things.

Though I don't buy his theory on her lack of confidence very much, in what, if anything, will be a less competitive environment.

On Wimbledon:

"It is a dream of mine. I want to work to get it. I make it a priority."

And so we get to what may have really relit that flame. I'm not saying it's her sole motivation but you have to think it matters even more, the second time around.

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