Saturday, 4 July 2009

Divided Loyalties...

(Photo: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

Divided loyalties.

Every been there?

The first semi wasn't a problem. Much as I would have liked to have seen Tommy polish off his fairy tale by going on to win
this entire event, before hanging up his racquets and disappearing magically over a rainbow, I think we all knew he'd reached the limits of his natural abilities.

It really didn't matter what happened in Paris, there was to be no repeat performance at Wimbledon. Not now, not ever.

But didn't you just love that hand waving moment at the net, distracting
Federer into sending a ball wide?

The other semi however, had me torn.

On the one hand I'd actually predicted a win for
Roddick. There'd been a buzz about him since the beginning of the year. He'd been looking more robust (and more toned) ever since he hooked up with Stefanki, but I also had this weird sense that this was his time.

TBH I felt rather good about. He's surely played with enough heart over the years to win more than just a single Slam. And if he wasn't born in the same era as Federer I'm certain he would have at least one Wimbledon title.

And then there was Murray. With the weight of the nation, history and some 1930s cable knit on his shoulders. Overcoming
Federer in four of their last five matches (all admittedly three set matches). All making it the more compelling match up.

But the best man won today.

Stefanki give an interview yesterday, it was very clear that Team Roddick were taking this match very seriously. Pressed for further insights into his tactics, he terminated the interview so abruptly, the reporter must have been left reeling.

Roddick came out with a game plan and executed it to perfection.

Murray made a big deal of how well
Roddick served today. But it was so much more than that.

Even his harshest critics can't have failed to notice how much he's added to his game and perhaps more importantly, how well he executed on court.

I'll be honest and say that I don't expect him to come through on Sunday.

(Photo: AP)

But his reaction after beating Murray today shows just how much it means to him. And ensures my support on Sunday.

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