Saturday, 4 July 2009

Are you looking at my titles?

In hindsight Serena over Venus was an easy pick. So I won't rub it in your face. Or maybe I'll just let Serena do that for me.

(Photo: Photo by Neil Tingle/Pool/Getty Images)

(Photo: Hamish Blair/Getty Images)

But seriously, as one sided a demolition as the Venus semi final* was, it was surpassed in my eyes by what I saw Serena produce opposite Azarenka, an opponent who more than held her own but who'd simply blundered into the wrong party.

"Every Slam shalt by definition produce an equally contested, three/five set epic, but also an absurdly one-sided totalling of a top ranked player by a Champion in his/her element"[Elder Tomes of Tennisdom: 7-3.36]

I revere that book. It's an unstable source of power prone to destroying those that seek to abuse it. You have to have blogged for a year or played tennis for at least five years before you're even allowed to enter the closely guarded chamber it's housed in. I try not to dip into it too frequently out of respect.

Dementieva was a type one epic. Azarenka was a type two totalling.

Venus on the other hand entered the tournament playing well enough, but lacking the conviction of her previous years, and her situation wasn't helped by not being tested throughout the fortnight.

I actually thought she played ok in the first set, with there being very little to choose between the two. But she looked a shadow of herself in the second half of the second set.

Serena now owns three out of the four Slams but will remain the number two player. But of course, we're not going to talk about that.

* - Note the resolution not to mention Dinara in the latter stages of Slams again until she actually proves her existence by turning up
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