Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Miami: Ladies Preview

1st Quarter

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Contenders Kuzzie, Bartoli, Wickmayer, Li Na
Upsets waiting to happen Kuzzie out to Szavay (R3)
Needs to happen Bartoli v Kuzzie (R4)
Sympathy Vote None at all. No one. Not the least bit emotionally invested in this quarter. Yes it really has come to that Kuzzie.

Bit of a sticky one this. In some senses, whoever comes through this quarter will be something of a surprise. That’s not a good thing.

2nd Quarter

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Contenders Venus, Petrova, Penetta, A-Rad
Upsets waiting to happen Ana out to Bammer (R2)
Needs to happen Penetta v Lisicki (R3), Venus v Penetta (QF)
Sympathy Vote Ana.

Blow this one Ana and you’ll be playing qualies. It’s as simple and every bit as bad as that.

3rd Quarter

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Contenders JJ, Zheng, Stosur, Clijsters,Peer, Vika
Upsets waiting to happen Stosur out to Navarro (R2), Clijsters out to Peer (R3), Vika out to MJMS (R3)
Needs to happen Clijsters v Vika (R4)
Sympathy Vote I’m still on the JJ train – at least until she consolidates on IW

What are the odds that JJ falls flat on her face at the Fifth Slam less than a week after winning that other Fifth Slam? I don’t wanna know.

Also not liking the pressure Vika must be feeling to defend all those points.

4th Quarter

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

Contenders Demmie, Henin, Kleybs, Bepa, Franny, Caz-Woz
Upsets waiting to happen Demmie could TOTALLY go out to Henin (R2) who thereafter goes out to Cibulkova, Bepa out to Kleybanova (R3), Woz out to Kirilenko (R3)
Needs to happen Bepa v Demmie (R4)
Sympathy Vote Bepa, just coz she lost shed loads of points at IW

That early match up between Demmie and Henin could prove (as it did in Oz) to be the match of the year. Or you know, it might not.

Kleybanova currently in the midst of an ‘Isner moment’. Heads may roll.

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