Friday, 19 March 2010

Indian Wells: “Didn’t see HIM coming”

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If there is to be anything more surprising than the upsets we’ve seen this week, it’s surely the way Big Rob keeps slipping under everyone’s radar.

I don’t get it (not least because he doesn’t seem like someone that adept at “slipping under” anything).

The ripples generated by his win over Rafa last year were so forceful they actually crossed over into other sports - there can be no pleading ignorance on the grounds you “didn’t see him coming”.

Form? Straight sets win over all his opponents, sometimes in the most devastating way imaginable (c.f. Jo-Wilfried). Ok, so you could say the same about A-Rod (there’s not been that many tongues wagging about him either), except he didn’t have to play Korolev, Lopez and Tsonga.

I’m not ready to make anyone my pick this year (it’s been that sort of event) though you could do a lot worse.

Murray will need to be at his most tactically astute and put shed-loads of first serves in to even get a look in.


It may not be the line up you expected, but the fact remains: all four womens semi finalists are top ten players (or very soon will be).

Jankovic – Puzzling. Her match against Errani, despite the high UFE count, was amongst the best of the week, featuring movement and shot selection not seen from her in well over a year.

Not half as convinced with her performance against Kleybanova – who only showed up for a couple of games midway through set two. Shame – it’ll do wonders for JJ’s confidence to win this thing, but she’s not going to get away with the same mistake twice.

Radwanska – Equally puzzling. She actually seemed to match Bartoli’s pace – which is a day I never thought I’d live to see, but reverted back to her unique brand of slight-framed tomfoolery against a Dementieva who, to be frank, wasn’t at the races.

Wozniacki – Nothing Woz does ever comes close to inspiring me much – that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. She’s never willing to step out of her comfort zone – I don’t actually know that that there's that much to step out to. With the four remaining semifinalists however, she might not need to.

Stosur – I quite like what Stosur brings to the WTA, though I haven’t been much impressed this time round. She’ll be a top tenner on Monday, though is playing a shocker against JJ as we speak.

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