Saturday, 20 March 2010

Indian Wells: ‘Meet-and-Not-Greet’

Easier to let the (moving) images do the talking, no?

Big Rob firing backhand slices that leave Murray (of all people) spitting blood?

This match was always in danger of being the subject of misanalysis in one of two ways:

1) Robin having a let down, and the subsequent high UFE count resulting in Murray’s dink-a boos being credited as the height of “crafty tennis”.

2) Murray being free-wheeled off court by Robin’s abominable big swingers, resulting in those all too familiar accusations of Murray’s passiveness.

We’ve had some of (2), though thankfully not very much.

He could have served better perhaps, but really, Murray was never going to win this one without some kind of a let down from Robin – and that hasn’t come all week.

All of which brings us to the question of Rafa.

Never has the possibility of a meet-and-not-greet between the two had so little to do with ill-will and so much to do with what actually happens on court.

For Rafa, a win here on Sunday must be said to represent a very welcome line under the unwholesome happenings of the last ten months – even if it leaves me less than convinced that every last one of those questions that remain over his fitness have suddenly dissipated into thin air.

For Robin, it would underline his deserved top ten status and truly announce him to the unconverted few as the real deal. I wouldn’t imagine there’s that many.

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