Friday, 26 March 2010

Miami: Distilled Thoughts.

Can Federer snap the four year losing streak?


Said enough about this already, and we all have our theories on why the Fifth Slams continue to plague him so.

As an aside, more and more of tennis’ chattering classes seem to be leaning towards Rome as a more amiable fit for any such Fifth Slam designation, both historically speaking and with tennis currently garnering a more international appeal.

I question the notional value created by any such Fifth Slam, but if we are to have one, why not Rome?

Both Serena and Venus (*double take*) have won the title once and let’s just say Rome 2006 remains only slightly less etched into my cellular membrane than Wimbledon 2008.

There is one other thing of course: Fed’s never won Rome. Nor it seems is designating it a fifth Slam likely to do much for his chances there.

The takeaway: Have as many notional Slam denominations as you want – it’s the perfect Goat jinx-out.

Is Ana’s snapping of her four match losing streak a sign of things to come?

(Photo: Getty)

Too early to say.

But I’d like to attribute at least something to Heinz Gunthardt, not in terms of trying out anything fundamentally different perhaps, but by virtue of simply being possessed of a different face.

She plays Aggy next, a match you’d have to be a Philistine not to want Ana to win - and that’s coming from an A-Rad fan.

Will Murray be exposed by Soderling again?

He’s in his section of the draw again, and it’s not just me that thought Murray looked especially ineffectual against Big Rob in IW.

Oz certainly seemed to demonstrate how far he’s come – IW on the other hand, seemed to demonstrate how uniquely susceptible he remains to a Big Rob free-wheeling at his very best.

Let me be blunt: I don’t think he can beat him without some sort of letdown on the part of Soderling. Big Serving might aid his cause too.

Is Caz-Woz the ‘Real’ #2?

har-har-HARDY-har-har. Back here again are we?

Nothing against her – aside perhaps from the overly-polished and slightly contrived way in which she conducts herself on the winners/runners-up podium – all a matter of taste after all and not really her fault considering she’s only 19 and clearly not one to wear her heart on her sleeve.

But let’s cut to the chase shall we?

She’s accumulated bucket loads of points by committing to the JJ-quantity-over-quality-schedule, playing so unadventurous a brand of tennis it threatens to make Aggy look positively fierce.

If Aggy is a pusher – I put it to you all that Caz-Woz is a prodder.

There may be a place in tennis for that, but I’d hope it’s not anywhere near the top five.

The good news is she’s got oodles of time to fix it.

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