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Marion and Caro met less than a month ago in Doha where Caro served her up a double breadstick. It was exactly the kind of oblique dysfunction Marion in particular, with her intransigent tennis philosophy, is prone to.

Walter’s idiosyncratic methods (swinging a lead pipe - no really) have sometimes sparked derision. I mostly applaud it. Marion was never destined to be a great mover – there’s nothing unsound about making the most of the hand you have been dealt with – especially when you fashion it into something as potent as what it’s become. I doubt such exacting standards of timing and pace would  exist in Marion without recourse to precisely such a meticulous, academic (if slightly kooky) approach.

The question, of course is, whether it stands up well to the Woz defence – arguably the most formidable of its kind out there today (yes we must give her that at least). On the evidence of this week, at least, that seems achievable. The problem is Marion’s game, like any hawkish belligerent’s, doesn’t lend itself to downturns of any kind.

If that happens, we’ll get another straight sets dismissal for which, I suspect, Caro will be just as unfairly serenaded as she will be baited.

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