Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Indian Wells: Broken.

Trying this thing where I play “fly-on-the-wall” during Vika’s matches whilst pretending to ignore her. It’s working. I’ll very likely be enticed into watching her play Caro. Which is when the spell, I suspect, will be broken.


After watching her leg buckle painfully under her, Sam Sumyk (not whispering for once) wisely advocated against risking further (more complicated) injury….on the off chance that she recovers in time for Miami.

Statement of the Bleedin Obvious: Thigh strain, Heatstroke, Serena Williams.......VIKA HAS ROTTEN ROTTEN LUCK. 

This’ll probably sound callous, but she has more chance of baking a cake made of anti-matter than being in ship-shape for Miami.

And if she somehow does manage to heal even partially, she’ll probably end up treading on a shard of glass whilst dodging a falling piano.

It’s almost immoral.

Get well soon.

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