Thursday, 2 September 2010

USO: Right Foot or Left?


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I’ll say it one more time: The best shit goes down while I’m tucked up in bed dreaming of Sod hurling petrol bombs.


Which would have been bad enough if I were actually sleeping and not lousing the night away wondering when the alarm clocks going to go off.


Something else I’ll say (to Andy) one more time: This “fire and brimstone” act is not just tired, tasteless and uncouth….it’s also a little embarrassing (though mostly for your sake).


It may still be ok in certain quarters for you to patronise officials like some super sized jock. I, and I suspect more Americans than we’ve been led to believe, have had their fill of it.



It takes surprisingly little time to go from being the “lovable rogue” to the unlovable twat. That you were being outplayed whilst all this took place makes a grim spectacle grislier still.


For the record, not to mention the sake of your largely unimpeachable record over the years, I’m still a fan; and will (rightly or wrongly) consider it a travesty if you or ElenaD retire without winning that elusive (and in your case 2nd) Slam.


But really now, let’s cut the hogwash.


Now would someone please fill me in on what exactly Tipsy’s done with those woodnote grunts of his and whether or not he arrived on court wheeling airport luggage?

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