Saturday, 4 September 2010

USO: ‘B’ is for Bravado.




I love this man. He puts the ‘F’ in flamboyance, the ‘Bad’ in badass and, I dare say, the ‘ass’ too. Moving on.


For one set we had what was quite possibly the most chancey, gripping and flamboyant tennis of the event.


Ever seen a double handed drive volley slamdunk struck so high Johnny Isner would be proud to make it?


Me neither.


Dustin does those.


Clean winners struck on the back foot yards behind the baseline?


Dustin does those too.




Muzz did well to weather the assault of the first set and then seized control showing us why we should be treating him as a legitimate contender for the title, if we’re obtuse enough to be not already.


I did have some doubts.


It’d be folly to speculate how far up the rankings Brown can rise, but it doesn’t take  a genius to figure out that having him play DC for GB would basically be a good thing. I have no idea what’s causing the delay in the kerfuffle over his nationality. Get on it tennis and er immigration authorities.


A Muzz/Brown DC doubles team. Also a good thing.


I basically slept through Rafa/Istomin. Which is a little strange considering I’ve been touting Denis since Queens.


From what I gather my man gave a good account of himself before this started happening.




…as it usually does.


Never you mind.


To be honest I’d be a little put out if Istomin used Rafa at the USO as his career launchpad. But I’ll be even more put out if Denis is not top twenty by Wimby next year.

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