Thursday, 23 September 2010

All at once, and in a puff of smoke.


For better or for worse, for richer for poorer, after eight months out of the game and at much cost to his ATP ranking, Juan Marteen (currently ranked #35) is to hit the courts again – starting at Bangkok.




It could not have come too soon. For us.


For the sake of his wrist, I’m actually glad he took all the time he needed.


Assuming he has applied for a protected ranking (why wouldn’t he?), he’ll be treated as world number 5 for the purposes of entry (though not seeding) to the first 8 events he plays or for the first 9 months of his return (whichever comes first).


Not that any of that matters very much.


Because none of us, at this stage, are expecting very much. Are we?


Well, not unless you mean the complete subversion of  someone’s career (preferably in the top five) and, if you can manage it, the attendant dissolution of any associated delusions of grandeur they might have – that’d be great.


It is what you were born to do.


One more thing - what on earth is Rafa doing there?




[hands on hips]


I thought we’d been over this.

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