Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The New Betting Scandal...

All the talk this week seems to be around the new "betting scandal" of tennis, which much to Fedora's chagrin, saw the bookies place Murray as
joint favourite for the title in Melbourne.
Not going to get embroiled. Well maybe a little:

a) I love the fact that this has ruffled Fedora - it might actually motivate him into some kind of form. Hopefully without those junkhead forehands.

b) I don't share some of the more euphoric optimism of the UK Press in relation to Murray's chances at Melbourne - he's one of the top two contenders for sure, but it's just far too hot and gruelling (potentially seven 5-setters) out there for it to be that easy. I've been a long running critic of Murray's fitness (which has improved immensely by the way) and if as Federer said, a Slam's a different animal, the title at Melbourne has surely got to be considered a beast: a native Dingo perhaps, rather too ready to test Murray's physical state by chasing him to exhaustion.

c) In a more patriotic spirit though, I
do rate Murray's chances and certainly don't think they can be dismissed away quite as easily as Federer does. Much as I understand his frustration at the (what at times must seem) stifling discussion on his 'demise', there's something very convincing about Murray's recent record against the top three; a record that IMO makes Federer's comparison with his 2005 semi final loss (cited as evidence of how things can unexpectedly unravel at Slams) quite moot.

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