Saturday, 31 January 2009

2Hander's Take: Final Analyses

WOW! So it's end of another Open and WHAT A FINAL!! It had everything; drama, ups and downs, breaks of serve, tie-breaks etc. Both players played fantastically and although I am not a fan of his game, I
must congratulate Rafa on his 6th Slam and playing a very good tournament. He plays with heart and gives every single point 300%! Rafa, you are well on your way to being a true legend of the game! I cannot help but wonder if it's all happening a bit too quickly for our tenacious Spanish friend. He's only 22, he's well and truly got Roger Federer's number! I guess it's up to the likes of Djokovic, Murray, Tsonga, Monfils, Verdasco et al to want a piece of the action enough to get involved!

I mean, there's not a whole lot to say about the match, really. The most telling stat would have to be Fed's 52% of 1st serves! WTF (and I don't mean World Trade Foundation!!) He cut out on the forehand UFEs and had he been playing anyone else, he probably would have won! Perhaps he should receive psychiatric help to overcome this mental block! There must be so much pressure on him to equal/break Sampras' record as well as the level of public expectation on his shoulders. I know he has started enjoying his tennis a lot more, but it's not enough. Someone needs to do the Heimlich maneouvre on him, for he chokes everytime he faces Nadal in a Slam final!! Oh hold on, wait a minute...I feel like this is deja vu of Lendl repeatedly failing to win WImby...!!

A friend of mine observed that the Fed's service action has changed! He doesn't arch his back as much anymore - could that be because of the backpain suffered in Paris late last year? My friend also noticed that the ball toss is not as high. He seems to be 'snapping' at the ball a lot more, rather like Agassi - not hitting the ball at full reach...

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